You carried out a procedure (stent reconstruction of iliac veins) I would like to thank you and your entire team for your expertise and professionalism that you all showed during my time in your care. I very much appreciated the the pre-op chat, which calmed my nerves. The nurses also reassured me and I felt comfortable and safe in your hands. I am now back on my feet and back to work I feel like I have a new pair of legs - very light and pain free


what a Team! You were all so welcoming and pleasant whilst still being professional. The experience will stay with me for ever. Noting was too much trouble'


I am just writing to express my gratitude and thanks following the PAE performed on 15th July.. The planning , consent and execution of the procedure was meticulous and yourselves and your staff were thoughtful and filled me with confidence.


Dear Dr Burfitt, Just a small thank you for the great work you did on my leg. It feels great to walk without pain! Thanks God and bless you for your noble profession. With all my appreciation IJ


I was greeted by Dr Burfitt and he explained the procedures to me, was very kind to me, all went very very well


Thank you for treating mum (DVT) and saving her from a potentially fatal situation. The gratitude is immense.


Thank you very much,both for authorising the PAE and carrying it out so superbly


First let me say that I seem to be doing fine since the PAE procedure with only the expected discomforts that are quickly dissipating. I really want to say how impressed I was with Nick and his entire team at Imperial/St Mary's on the day, including the prep/recovery staff. It was a long day, but entirely professional, cutting edge, informative and caring throughout. This is world-class service, and you all should know just what you are accomplishing and providing, and how appreciated it is.


First of all I would like to thank you profusely for the wonderful work you did on 2nd October 2018. You have given me back my life and dignity. I stopped taking Tamsulosin tablets just before Christmas and all has been well. I asked you when we met which was if I could ever be able to write my name in the snow again. The answer is a resounding, yes! I am grateful.


After the full 3 months I now have a much stronger flow, I have not had an 'accident', I feel more confident as a person, no longer panic when going out and can hold my urine if required to.


I wanted to let you know I am thrilled with outcome and to thank you very much indeed. As you will know the reduction indicated a 32 percentage and I can confirm my life has been satisfactorily transformed, consequently, Mr El-Husseiny has discharged me from his care. The outcome?Exceptional.


Basically I am now well doing my usual activity thank you very much. Once again thank you doctor, it is highly appreciated.


I just want you to know that the painstaking work you did on me with your wonderful team have shown a noticeable and gratifying improvement in my condition, and I just want to acknowledge your skill and care and thank you most sincerely.


Accordingly, I have to thank you again for the excellent job that you have done and your record of none of the after effects that you warned me about.


...the results were excellent and I am sure as a result of your attention to detail in the procedure. The PAE process has been very good end to end, not having experienced the other treatment options it is hard to compare, but this has definitely worked very well for me with minimal pain and recovery period and has significantly improved my quality of life.


Thanks again for all your help. The procedure was quite comfortable, I am pleased with the results and I am really grateful to you for accommodating my travel arrangements. I would always recommend you to potential patients, and indeed, my ankle consultant is considering the procedure for his father.


Since the PAE at the end of April, I have found things to be vastly improved regarding my enlarged prostate. I no longer take any medication, I have no sense of urgency to go and urinate. If I do feel the need to go I can wait 20 or 30 minutes until I am home. Making a trip out in the car is now a straightforward proposition, previously it was carefully planned, no drink with breakfast, use the loo before leaving, and plan the journey with rest stops in mind. I now feel very much back to normal, which is a wonderful thing after many years of struggling when leaving the house. I cannot emphasise how much better my life has been since the PAE procedure. It was painless and there was no discomfort, I would recommend it to anybody in similar circumstances.


Today I am ecstatic. After being catheterised for well over two years, yesterday at Charing Cross Hospital they removed my catheter for good. To my great delight I am able to pee normally and suffer no leakage, even though my bladder had not functioned for all that time. I was optimistic that PAE had worked to relieve pressure on my urethra but apprehensive about whether I would have any flow control at all after such a long time. I am astounded that things have apparently returned to normal function so quickly. Immense thanks to you and your team for your skill and dedication in carrying out the PAE procedure successfully and not adversely affecting any nearby sensitive areas. The relief of doing away with the catheter can hardly be imagined unless you have experienced it. I am now a firm believer in PAE. Thank you once again.